Testing & Travelling

Everything you need to know about what is required when travelling to Zakynthos.

Current travel rules – Updated: 25/06/2021

Traffic light designation currently – AMBER


On the way out

For the avoidance of any doubt, it is not illegal to travel to an amber list country such as Greece. It is also perfectly simple to do so as long as you undertake the right steps.

Additionally, the Foreign Office is not advising against travel to Zakynthosso you should have no trouble getting insurance for your trip.

In order to enter Greece, where you are over the age of 11yrs, you must show one of the following:

  • A vaccine certificate showing that you have received the full course of the vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering Greece. The NHS app can provide this proof.
  • A negative COVID-19 test: either a medically certified rapid test(within 48 hours of travel) or a certified PCR test (within 72 hours of travel).
    The test results should match the name in the travellers passport.
  • Proof that the traveller tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 2-9 months (either by positive PCR result or medical certificate)

Passengers 11yrs and under are not required to undergo tests to enter Greece.

Finally, you must fill out the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) at least 24 hours before travel.

On the way home

In order to enter England from an amber list country, you must have the following elements organised prior to your return flight:

  • A medically certified lateral flow test that meets UK government requirements, taken within 3 days of the flight departing for the UK.
    We arrange this for you during your stay with our medical partner at a cost of 15€ per person. They take 1 minute to administer and 20 minutes to return a result. You will have a physical certificate immediately to take with you.
  • You must fill out the Uk passenger locator form and include in it the reference number for your test package.
  • You must have evidence that you have booked two PCR tests, one for day 2 and one for day 8 post your return to the UK.
  • You are required to isolate at home for 10 days upon arrival into the UK unless you take up the test to release option which, with an additional test on day 5, means you can end your isolation period as soon as your result is returned on day 5.


Given the requirements listed above, the process of travelling to Greece presents a very low risk to oneself. However, you might be interested to know the following data in relation to Zakynthos updated in the last 48 hours. Here is a link to the relevant government website so you can keep abreast of this data as the summer moves on:

  • The current 7-day case rate per 100,000 in Zakynthos is 4.9/100,000 and is decreasing (the rate in the UK is currently 85/100,000).
  • Every worker on the island is required to take a rapid test twice per week (the test positivity rate is 0.02%).
  • The vaccination rate is currently at 44% and increasing rapidly.

We will continue to update this page as and when any changes occur.